Spanish For You Group Buy

Spanish For You Group Buy


Postponed (check back in late summer 2016!)


Varies, see details below
Please note that this buy is non-refundable. If you would like to buy the program and have the option of returning it, please purchase directly from Spanish For You and not through this buy.

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**Important note: This buy consists of both print and digital material. It is imperative that you provide me with the correct email address. Please double check the spelling before submitting the buy form**

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Note from the creator of Spanish For You:

Through 15 years of teaching Spanish to kids of all ages, I have created a way for anyone to implement an effective elementary or middle school Spanish program at home or in the classroom easily and affordably.

Spanish for You! is a curriculum that engages students through a variety of easily taught activities and techniques, AND saves parents, teachers, and schools time and money by using streamlined lessons with inexpensive materials.

Everything comes directly from me to you. I take what I do with my students and format it for others to use. Everything is step-by-step so there is never any question about what you need to do. Since everything comes directly from me to you, the curriculum is super affordable.

The curriculum graphics are even kept simple and inexpensive. They are hand drawn by a kid, and appear in black and white to keep costs down. Kids love the illustrations and often like to color them.

I was inspired to create this curriculum because I had several needs that other curriculums did not easily or entirely address. They were:

-easy flow into any high school curriculum.
-flexibility to fit a variety of budgetary and scheduling situations
-streamlined lessons to allow teaching multiple grades the same material during the same semester or school year.
-ability to place new and experienced students together at the same grade level
-audio of entire textbook – parents and kids want to hear everything and not guess on -pronunciation

Spanish for You! addresses all these needs. I have used the curriculum for 6 years now and am having great results! It is a product of many years of practical and educational experience. You can read what others have to say on our curriculum reviews or testimonials pages.

Debbie Annett

What you need to know:

Spanish For You is a beginner’s Spanish program. Books are sold by grade level not experience level, please purchase accordingly. Check out the FAQ page if you have any questions about which grade level to purchase.

There are several options for this buy!

First: Pick a theme. Themes are Mi Vida (My Life), Conversaciones (Conversations), Viajes (Travels), Fiestas (Celebrations), and Estaciones (Seasons). Each theme contains similar work and is equivalent to ONE YEAR of Spanish curriculum. It doesn’t matter which theme you start with, pick the one that you find the most interesting!

Second: Decide if you want that theme in the small package or the large package option. The SMALL package is for two grade levels (you pick 3-4, 5-6, or 7-8). The LARGE package contains ALL grade levels, 3-8 (great for families with multiple kids learning together!)

The price of this deal is dependent on how many people order. We need a minimum of 50 people to get the first level of discount, with an additional discount at 100 purchases. Please remember that Spanish For You is a small company and not able to provide the discounts we’re used to, but it’s an awesome program that I have actually used, and it’s a really great way to teach your kids Spanish!

50 homeschool packages ($39.95 each) – 20% off = $31.96 each (plus shipping*)
100 homeschool packages ($39.95 each) – 25% off = $29.96 (plus shipping*)

50 homeschool packages ($64.95 each) – 20% off = $51.96 (plus shipping*)
100 homeschool packages ($64.95 each) – 25% off = $48.71 (plus shipping*)

*Shipping is $6 for the first theme (includes envelope & postage), $2 each for additional themes. There will be no additional processing fee for this buy.


Due to the varying cost this buy is going to work a little differently.
I first need you to let me know what you want to buy, I am confident that we can get 50 packages sold, so please only fill out the form if you are certain you will buy at that price. I will update everyone if we meet the 100 packages threshold (it’s very possible!) and qualify for the additional discount. I will collect the monies toward the end of the buy, each person will have 5 days to pay. I will then place the order in Mid-May. We should have our books by early June.

Please direct all questions to