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LAST DAY TO BUY: 2/23/2018

LAST DAY TO PAY: 2/23/2018


SHIPPING INFO: This is an online product.

BUY FEE: a flat 5% fee will be added to your total after the discount to cover processing and Paypal costs; if sales tax for online orders is required in your state, that will also be added to your order price

Invoices:   will be sent to the email address used to order. Please check your invoice for any problems with your order. Once orders are made, there is no way to change them. Please be prepared to pay promptly. Invoices will eb sent within 48 hours in most cases.




Oceans First Education provides online self-paced courses as well as lesson plans, each with an accompanying video.

To browse your options, visit the Lesson Plan Page and the Courses Pages for Marine Science 101 and short course options. Our prices will be as follows after discount, but before the processing fee.

Marine Science 101 includes the 6 high school level courses. 


Please note that you will have 18 months to complete self-paced ecourses and all sales are final even if you do not complete a course, though your quiz scores will be available via customer service if you need them beyond the 18 mo time period.

Lesson plans and the accompanying video may be downloaded so you can have unlimited use.


For example, 1 lesson plan for kindergarten costs $16.22 plus the processing fee, but includes a video. Additional lesson plans are $16.22 each.

On the other hand, Sea Turtle Ecology costs $12.97.

The Marine Science 101 course covers the 6 mini courses for grades 9-12. You do not need the grade 9-12 mini courses if you purchase Marine Science 101.


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