Lego Bulk Buy


I am so glad to be offering everyone this terrific deal on bulk Lego! This one is a little complicated so before you order let’s get all the details out of the way.



This is a limited time buy. Registration ends 5/17/16 OR when our order reaches 200lbs, whichever comes first. You will receive an invoice within 4 days of placing your order. Those choosing hub shipping (more on that in a bit!) will receive an invoice on 5/18/2016. Monies are due no later than 5/22/16. Payment is accepted via PayPal, you do not need an account to use the system.

This buy is for bulk Lego, sold by the pound. All Lego are guaranteed to be new or like new, genuine Lego. This order will include bricks, specialty bricks, and smaller plates. This order does not include minifigs and no specific bricks are guaranteed. The order is coming from a bulk reseller, not from Lego.

Each pound of Lego costs $9.50 for the product. An additional fee of $1.70 per pound is added for initial shipping (shipping from the supplier to me). This brings the per pound cost to $11.20.

Please see below for secondary shipping costs (from me to you).

One pound of Lego is roughly 200-300 pieces, depending on the sizes of bricks drawn in your random pull. A pound will fill a gallon zipper bag about halfway when held upright. I pulled a sample pound from my children’s Lego stash and it was 310 pieces, all on the smaller side. We will be shipped a large crate of random Lego pieces as described above. All individual orders will be totally random, I will scoop your order out, double check the weight, and put it in a bag or box and ship it to you.

This is what a pound of Lego looks like

This is what a pound of Lego looks like in a gallon zipper bag.


Share with a friend:In the interest of keeping shipping costs as low as possible I suggest finding a friend to split an order with. If you do this please make only one order with one shipping address and one payment.

Pick up at a hub: In addition to having the Lego shipped directly to you, those in the Orlando, FL and Vancouver, WA areas will have the option to have their order shipped to a hub where they can pick it up. If you choose hub shipping your cost will be divided by the total number of pounds. For example, if 10 people each order 2 lbs and ship to the same hub, the shipping cost would be $38, or $1.90/lb

Shipping hubs are:
North Orlando, FL (Altamonte, off I4 near the Superchannel Eyesore)
East Orlando, FL (Goldenroad Road, between Colonial & 408)
South Orlando/Airport, FL (near 417 & Boggy Creek)
Apopka, FL (Where 429 ends)
Lakeland, FL (Northwest Lakeland, near Wendell Watson Elem)
Daytona, FL (192 & Nova)
Vancouver, WA (North Salmon Creek, NE 10th Ave & NE 139th St)

Please note that if you choose hub shipping your order will be processed after the individual shipping orders. This will allow me to tally up the orders for your hub and determine a shipping cost per pound.

Ship to your address:Shipping costs includes Priority Mail shipping with tracking and up to $100 in insurance and is as follows:

1-2lbs = $7
3-6lbs = $14
7-10lbs = $19

If you would like more than 10 lbs or don’t live in the USA, please send me an email.

Additional Fees: All orders subject to a 3% plus $.30 payment processing fee after shipping costs are added (as an example, that’s $1.19 for a 2 lb order shipped to your home)

One more thing: In the event this order isn’t able to be placed with our original reseller I will attempt to contact another one. I’m not anticipating any problems, but you never know. All monies will be refunded in full in the event this order cannot be placed. Also, please know that I am not responsible for shipping errors if you misspell your name or address. Oh yeah, and know that I am not a reseller, I am simply making a bulk purchase from a reseller and dividing the cost among us. I am not making a profit, in fact I’ll probably go a few bucks in the hole 😉

Are you ready to order?

An invoice will be sent to you within 4 days if your order is being shipped to your address. Hub shipping orders will receive an invoice on May 18.

Questions? Email me!