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The Learn Math Fast System is a series of seven books written by a homeschooling mom to show you how she taught her son to have college level math by age 16.
In 2011, the Learn Math Fast System consisted of just four books, but once homeschoolers tried it out, the requests kept coming in for more books. Kids really seemed to connect with the conversational tone and humor. The explanations given were so helpful that even the parents were learning math right along with their children. The short lessons and worksheets made the kids happy and having the full solutions in the back of each book made mom happy.

Parents told us how they had tried all the popular curricula, but none of them were able to reach their struggling student. Then they tried the Learn Math Fast System and within months, that same child declared math to be their favorite subject. Children who were once years behind their grade level were suddenly able to not only catch up, but even excel in math. Gifted kids gobble them up, adults use them to pass the GED and get into college. Children of all ages with all different learning styles are telling us that these books are working for them too!

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You may order any of the following:
Volume 1 – $33.75
Volume 2 – $33.75
Volume 3 – $33.75
Volume 4 Geometry – $36.75
Volume 5 Algebra – $36.75
Volume 6 SAT prep and advanced math – $44.25
Volume 7 Advanced Geometry – $41.25
Package 1, Volumes 1-4 – $111.75
Package 2, Volumes 1-6 – $179.25
Package 3, Volumes 1-7 – $216.75

Package 4, Volumes 5-7 – $111.75  (High school pack)

Extra Geometry kit – $13.50 (Zipper pouch with Protractor, pencil, bouncy ball [sphere], Laminated Triangles, and other helpful math tools.)