JAM Group Buy 2018


This price gives you 1 annual subscription to ALL current and future Jam courses (which occur during your year of subscribing).



LAST DAY TO BUY: 2/28/2018
LAST DAY TO PAY: 3/2/2018

BUY FEE: a flat $4 fee will be added to each annual student subscription
Invoices: will be sent to the email address used in your form within 48 hours


Jam provides online courses for kids.

These courses explore Lego creations, MAD Science, cooking, drawing, creating videos, building machines, and more.


In this group buy, you may choose to purchase an annual subscription for one student for an entire year. If you wish to order a subscription for another child, please fill out a second form.

We need 10 purchases for this order to be a go at the price of

$42 each plus the $4 fee making the total $46.

If we have more orders than 10 orders, our pricing may go down to anywhere between $33 and $38 plus the $4 fee.


Please share this info so we can lower the price by having a larger order.

If you have paid the higher price, then we end up with a lower price due to volume, you will be refunded the difference once the buy is complete.

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