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Food For Thought (Bitsbox Coding Program)



BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Everyone loves Bitsbox! This month’s kit is focused on all things food-related! From silly snacks to feeding a group! You will receive one “Food for Thought” activity book containing 20 apps to code, ranging from simple (2 lines of code) to complex (60+ lines of code) and one trading card pack containing a random set of 10 mini apps.

Expiration: Sept. 9, 2016 OR when the buy sells out

How this buy works: You pay for the kit in our shop, when we sell 45 of them (out of a total of 60) I will order the kits. The kits take about 10 business days to arrive. When they arrive I verify their print quality and then begin repackaging them for delivery to you. The entire process takes about 3 weeks. You can expect to have your kit by the end of September.

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Status: Limited buy, reserve yours now!

Details: Please note that we are limited to 60 kits. You may order multiple kits but please know that each kit is identical (with the exception of the trading cards, which are random).

-If this kit happens to sell out before we can place our order it will be substituted with another kit that we have not previously purchased. If there is a price decrease we will refund the difference.

-Your child will need access to a computer in order to use these kits. Once created on a computer the apps will work on any mobile device that has internet access.

-This is not a subscription box, this is a deal for a one time only share of a classroom kit.

Your Kit Includes: 1 book, 1 set of random trading cards

Expiration: Sept. 9, 2016 OR when the buy sells out

Cost of kit: $10 per kit plus $4 flat rate shipping (please order no more than 3 kits). We highly suggest upgrading to shipping with insurance as we will not refund products that are damaged or lost during shipping. All purchases come with shipping tracking information.

Why has the price increased?: The price increased from previous buys because Bitsbox increased the price of boxes with trading cards by $50 per case. I’ve gotten lots of feedback from parents who really love the trading cards, so when a kit with trading cards is available for bulk purchase that is what we’ll buy.

Common Core Status: Not applicable



What is Bitsbox?
Bitsbox is a program that teaches kids 6-12 how to code! (tip: your kid needs to have moderate reading skills to do the kit on their own, but if they aren’t reading independently yet you can easily help them out!) Each box contains lessons to program 19 apps PLUS trading cards with directions to make 10 mini apps! You can read more about Bitsbox by clicking here!

Legal stuff:
We are in no way affiliated with Bitsbox. Your kit will ship from my location in Washington State.

I am not a reseller, rather, I order the kits and we split the cost between us. I am not making a profit.

Please make sure you type your name and address in correctly, I am not responsible for shipping errors due to typos. Tracking information will not be provided as kits are shipped first class to keep the cost as low as possible.