Enchanted Learning 2019

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$6.00 per family

Common Core Status:

Any alignment is coincidental and not intentional


You will be charged $6 for use of our school password until early 2020 (Either Jan or Feb depending on how many sign up and how quickly spots are filled). At that time, I will decide whether enough of us use it to make a renewal worth it. I will invoice you within 72 hours. Please DO NOT send payment via Paypal unless it is via the invoice I send. Thanks!


Want to try Enchanted Learning before you buy?

Click here to use the free version of the site.


How Do I Join?

Fill out this form and an invoice will be sent to you within 72 hours.


Why should I upgrade to a membership?
Enchanted Learning is always free but the upgraded account will give you access to extra content in an ads-free members only site! You’ll also get extra printer options, with the ability to resize the content right from the website.


How long is the membership?
Our school/group membership is valid until Early 2020 (Jan or Feb depending on how fast our buy fills up).


**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you pay and do not receive an email from me within 72 hours, please check your spam folder for a message from lissa_kaye54@yahoo.com or Homeschool Group Buys. Please ensure that this email address is on your safe list or you will miss important information**


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