Education Treehouse Buy Fall 2018

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Buy End Date: October 12, 2018

Pay By Date: October 14, 2018


     50-100 people = $27.50

    100+ people =     $22.50


You are agreeing to pay the higher price if we do not meet the minimum requirement. Feel free to invite people to our group and this buy.


Education Treehouse is a subscription based, online TV and video on-demand streaming

service for kids and families. Watch and enjoy educational shows and programs online!



Education Treehouse includes educational shows with a variety of topics. There are also multiple

channels and fresh content to keep kids learning while having fun online. Your child will enjoy the

books, games,TV shows, and more!

Your purchase includes 1 year of service for your family.


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If you have questions about the buy, view the Facebook group.

Our prices are as follows plus fees…

20% off – (only $25) 50-100 people minimum + $2.50 fee = $27.50
40% off – (only $20) 100+ people minimum + $2.50 fee = $22.50