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I am pleased to announce our group buy for Mystery Science. Mystery Science is a fabulous way to get kids interested in science without having to piece together a hands-on curriculum from different sources. This product usually costs $69, or $49 if there is a sale. However, we are fortunate to receive a subscription of Mystery Science for only $20 plus a $3 processing fee. This brings the total cost to $23 for a subscription of Mystery Science which is good until June 30, 2019!

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Skoolbo is trusted by over 100,000 teachers as the program they choose to use with their students and their own families. In fact, together their students have answered over 1.5 billion problems! The Skoolbo Learning Algorithm crafts the perfect program for each child. Skoolbo includes hundreds of step-by-step lessons designed to make concepts easy to understand. Skoolbo contains thousands of activities on Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Geography, Music, Art, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, as well as a course on how Money works in our society.

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Enchanted Learning School Membership

Join our group in accessing tons of educational printables!


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The Art of Problem Solving mathematics curriculum is designed for outstanding math students in grades 6-12. Our texts offer broader, deeper, and more challenging instruction than other curricula. This buy includes textbooks, digital and print, only

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beast academy 2


Beast Academy is a full math curriculum for grades 2‑5. You can use it as a supplement or as your main math curriculum. Together, the Beast Academy books teach math content, model problem-solving strategies, and challenge students to work through the material and learn it deeply using a fun graphic novel style of literature. This buy includes print books only.

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abc 2

ABC TEACH is a fantastic website which offers over 49,000 documents and teaching activities available for children pre-k through 8th grade. AbcWorkshop allows students to draw, write, and color abcteach activities on their table or computer. The abctools component of the site has 69 worksheet generators you can use to customize your lessons. PowerPoint units in various                                                                           subject areas are available.


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