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Beast Academy offers graphic novel-style curricula which encourage kids to invest in math.

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Used with permission from Mystery Science

Used with permission from Mystery Science


I am pleased to announce our group buy for Mystery Science. Mystery Science is a fabulous way to get kids interested in science without having to piece together a hands-on curriculum from different sources. This product usually costs $69 per year, or $49 if there is a sale during the year. However, we are fortunate to receive a year of Mystery Science for only $20 plus a $2 processing fee payable to Homeschool Group Buys. This brings the total cost to $22 for a year of Mystery Science. If you already have a subscription, it will continue until June 2018 once you purchase this buy. If you have the free subscription, you will unlock all the lessons until June 2018 if you purchase this group buy.


           Coming April 2, 2018!