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JAM provides online courses for kids. These courses explore STEM, drawing, Lego creations, cooking, building machines, and more. Kids love learning at their own pace and parents love that courses are both educational and fun.

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                  Mystery Science

I am pleased to announce our group buy for Mystery Science. Mystery Science is a fabulous way to get kids interested in science without having to piece together a hands-on curriculum from different sources.

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       New York Times Online Access

Enrich your home education curriculum with access to an amazing online resource! Join this buy for a year of access to the New York Times online. Click the link below for details and to order.

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  Code Combat

CodeCombat is a self-paced game that teaches students Python and JavaScript plus some Game Dev & Web Dev. Students are able to create games and web projects to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

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                            Learn Math  Fast

The Learn Math Fast System is a series of seven books written by a homeschooling mom to show you how she taught her son to have college level math by age 16. The explanations given were so helpful that even the parents were learning math right along with their children. The short lessons and worksheets made the kids happy and having the full solutions in the back of each book made mom happy

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Enchanted Learning School Membership 2019-2020

Join our group in accessing tons of educational printables!

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         Montessori Preschool 

Montessori Academy teaches children math, literacy, and creativity skills.

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We know that home educators are looking for high quality resources that wont break the bank.  Artventure provides everything you’ll need to grow your children’s skills and confidence in art.   Artventure is the worlds largest online library of art lessons for kids and is trusted by homeschooling families worldwide as a valuable resource and as a key part of their homeschool curriculum. 

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Mel Science

MelScience is a unique subscription box program which sends chemistry kits to your home each month. Each experiment kit includes a detailed description to help your child gain a full understanding of each experiment. Each package has multiple experiments included. With interesting and diverse experiments, your child will have hands-on opportunities for scientific investigation.

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tt 3                Times Tales

Tired of boring flashcards that don’t make the multiplication facts stick?Want a fun, unconventional way for your student to learn the upper times tables?Times Tales® is a creative, mnemonic (memory aid) system for students to memorize the most difficult math facts.

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