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ABC TEACH is a fantastic website which offers over 49,000 documents and teaching activities available for children pre-k through 8th grade. AbcWorkshop allows students to draw, write, and color abcteach activities on their table or computer. The abctools component of the site has 69 worksheet generators you can use to customize your lessons. PowerPoint units in various                                                                           subject areas are available.



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Education Treehouse is a subscription based, online TV and video on demand streaming

service for kids and families. Watch and enjoy educational shows and programs online!
There are learning-based shows, channels and content to keep them learning while
having fun online.

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      Generation Genius

Generation Genius has partnered with the National Science Teachers Association to produce a series of streaming videos that are aligned to state science standards for grades 3-5. The videos are supplemented by teaching guides, lesson plans, DIY activities, quizzes, vocabulary and more so you can turn a 12-minute video into a full science lesson. Each video features Dr. Jeff Vinokur, aka The Dancing Scientist, who brings the same fun, funny and entertaining approach to science learning that he’s demonstrated on such national TV shows as NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s The View. Generation Genius videos are available on any device with Internet access and a browser through an annual subscription offered to you at a special limited-time 49% discount.

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Skoolbo is trusted by over 100,000 teachers as the program they choose to use with their students and their own families. In fact, together their students have answered over 1.5 billion problems! The Skoolbo Learning Algorithm crafts the perfect program for each child. Skoolbo includes hundreds of step-by-step lessons designed to make concepts easy to understand. Skoolbo contains thousands of activities on Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Geography, Music, Art, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, as well as a course on how Money works in our society.

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 MUZZY BBC is the #1 language learning course for children. MUZZY has helped millions of children worldwide become bilingual. MUZZY’s video story captivates children and immerses them in a new language, mimicking the way they learned to speak their native tongue! 





The Art of Problem Solving mathematics curriculum is designed for outstanding math students in grades 6-12. Our texts offer broader, deeper, and more challenging instruction than other curricula. This buy includes textbooks, digital and print, only




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Tired of boring flashcards that don’t make the multiplication facts stick?

Want a fun, unconventional way for your student to learn the upper times tables?

Times Tales® is a creative, mnemonic (memory aid) system for students to memorize math facts.






The Learn Math Fast System is a series of seven books written by a homeschooling mom to show you how she taught her son to have college level math by age 16. In 2011, the Learn Math Fast System consisted of just four books, but once homeschoolers tried it out, the requests kept coming in for more books. Kids really seemed to connect with the conversational tone and humor. The explanations given were so helpful that even the parents were learning math right along with their children. The short lessons and worksheets made the kids happy and having the full solutions in the back of each book made mom happy.




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History Unboxed provides monthly boxes with ready to use history lesson plans and activity materials. Purchase additional add-on boxes for multiple siblings. You may also choose to purchase the new downloadable lessons.








Used with permission from Mystery Science

Used with permission from Mystery Science

I am pleased to announce our group buy for Mystery Science. Mystery Science is a fabulous way to get kids interested in science without having to piece together a hands-on curriculum from different sources. This product usually costs $69 per year, or $49 if there is a sale during the year. However, we are fortunate to receive a year of Mystery Science for only $20 plus a $2 processing fee payable to Homeschool Group Buys. This brings the total cost to $22 for a year of Mystery Science.






Jam providesaudio-15604_1920 online courses for kids. These courses explore STEM, drawing, Lego creations, cooking, building machines, and more. Kids love learning at their own pace and parents love that courses are both educational and fun.





Food bitsboxBitsbox is BACK, and this time with Food For Thought! Your kids will learn how to code old-school style with this kit. Kit includes one activity book with directions to code 20 apps (apps range from simple to complex) and a pack of 10 trading cards! CLICK HERE to read more and purchase your kits!










Tales2Go Group Membership


Tales2Go is an amazing audiobook subscription service aimed at kids in grades prek-12th. With your super-discounted license in our group buy you and your kids will have access to over 6,000 audiobooks! These are the same high-quality audiobooks you get from the library and buy through more expensive audiobook services!









Sensory Chew Pendants

Chew Pendants for Sensory Seekers – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, and this time with more shape and color choices! Perfect for your sensory seeker (or you!), these chewable pendants are made from 100% food-safe silicone and are provide a safe chew experience!














Bitsbox is back, and funnier than ever! In this Monkey Business box you’re kids will laugh their way through creating 30 apps, from beginner to advanced. Designed for ages 7-12, your kid can start with this kit or add it to their other Bitsbox kits! (and yes, due to popular demand, this kit contains trading cards!!)






Bugging Around Insects Unit Study



Bugging Around: Insects is a unit study from KidQuest Adventures that your kids are going to flip for! Designed to be use by those curious about insects, as well as those afraid of them, Bugging Around is a 50 pages full of information, experiments, and activities!







Chew pendant
Chew Pendants – Perfect for your sensory seeker, this teardrop chew pendant is made from 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone and is BPA free. It’s safe enough for kids yet inconspicuous for adults to wear.







Who wants to buy a couple pounds of Lego?? Heck yeah, you do! Through this buy you can order Lego in bulk, including bricks, specialty bricks, and small plates. A pound is roughly 200-300 pieces, your kids will be in heaven!






BitsBox Apposaurus Rex – Your child will have fun learning to code apps the old-school way with this fun, dinosaur-themed curriculum! Your kit comes with a high-quality print book with directions to code 18 apps, and 10 trading cards with directions to make 10 mini apps!








Spanish For You Group Buy
Spanish For You is a simple, affordable way to introduce kids in grades 3-8 to conversational and written Spanish. This program was designed by a Spanish teacher and is multi-sensory and suits all learning styles!





The Wild at the Zoo Adventure Pack is an amazing zoo companion workbook! Printed on high-quality paper, and in full color, Wild at the Zoo is truly unique from all other zoo workbooks and worksheets! Wild at the Zoo was designed by a scientist who happens to be a homeschooling dad and includes information for parents as well as activities to do before, during, and after your zoo visit! Designed for all learning styles, Wild at the Zoo will have your kids more excited than ever about a trip to the zoo, nature preserve, or wildlife refuge!




Online learning has never been so vibrant! If your child loves science, this buy is for you! From lesson plans to self-paced e-courses, there is something for every learner from k-12. Details – Buy Closed




Enchanted Learning School Membership.







Back by popular demand! Our first Bitsbox buy was a huge success so we’ve ordered a second kit, this time the theme is Once Upon a Time. Your kit will include directions and curriculum your child can use independently to create 19 apps and 10 mini apps using old school coding techniques! This is not a drag & drop coding program!