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Beast Academy is a full math curriculum for grades 2‑5. You can use it as a supplement or as your main math curriculum. Each grade is split into units A‑D, and each unit consists of a Guide book and a Practice book. The Guide is a textbook for teachers and students alike; the Practice books are student workbooks. Together, the Beast Academy books teach math content, model problem-solving strategies, and challenge students to work through the material and learn it deeply.
In the full-color, comic-book-style Guides, four monsters attend classes at Beast Academy, where they grapple with math concepts and work together to solve problems. Meanwhile, the black-and-white Practice books provide hundreds of problems for students to practice computation and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. These problems appeal to a wide range of students, encompassing everything from simple calculations to multi-step puzzles. Challenging and outright difficult problems are marked specially (and are keyed to hints at the back of each practice book)—we include these to encourage students to deepen their mastery of the material.


YES! 2A and 2B are available!



We must have a minimum of books 40 in our order for a 10% discount. If we order more than 100 books, we will receive a 20% discount. See the pricing below for more information.

Please note that you can order packages of books, but they will cost the same as individual books in this buy.


If we do not reach 40 books, our buy will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded. We are allowed to mix and match to get to the minimum purchase amount of books.

20% (100 or more books ordered)

single guide book = $12 

single practice book  = $9.60

10% (40 to 99 books are ordered)

guide book = $13.50

practice book  = $10.80

Please note that shipping TO me by Beast Academy will take 2-3 weeks after the order is sent in and paid for.

THEN, I will ship to you.

There is a chance that books will be back-ordered as some are new from the printers.

Please be patient as I will get your items to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


SHIPPING INFO: You will receive 2 invoices. (1 for shipping and 1 for the books) I will ship via media mail and charge an additional $1 for each box and 50 cents for each envelope needed to ship your items.

BUY FEE: a 5% fee will be added to cover processing and Paypal costs; if sales tax for online orders is required in your state, that will also be added to your order price

INVOICES: will be sent to the email address used in your order form usually within 2 days, though it may take longer depending on volume of orders, other buys open, etc


Homeschool Group Buys is not liable for orders in which information is incomplete or incorrect. Should you pay for items, but not shipping, your items will become property of Homeschool Group Buys after a period of 30 days from due date of the shipping invoice.

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