Melissa 2The mission of HSGB is to provide homeschooling families with affordable products and online services by combining our buying power to negotiate deeply discounted rates. We aim to do this while maintaining full financial transparency and open communication.

HSGB is headed by Melissa Packwood, a homeschooling mom with a background in teaching. Melissa takes pride in negotiating the best deal possible and in walking away on a positive note when a deal cannot be agreed upon.

Signing up for a deal is simple! First you’ll want to sign up for the main newsletter, just put your email address in at the bottom of any page. The main newsletter will be sent periodically to let you know of upcoming deals. If you spot a deal you’d like to investigate more, visit the Open Buys page and click on the deal. Look for the deal sign-up box right in the middle of that page and enter your email address, this will allow me to send you all of the details you need about when to sign up, how to pay, and what to expect. I’m all about full transparency!

Neither Melissa or HSGB can be held responsible for a customer’s use of a product. We do our best to accurately represent products and to be as clear as possible in the steps to consummate a deal. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please see our refund policy in the FAQ section. If you have any questions, please ask.

Melissa can be reached at lissa_kaye54@yahoo.com using the subject line HSGB.