2017 Prodigy Game Group Buy



OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Due to changes in the way Prodigy runs group buys we will not be having a Prodigy sign-up or renewal this year. If you are interested in a Prodigy group buy I highly suggest getting a group of local, in-person, friends together to form a group buy. I do not suggest joining a Facebook buy group as Prodigy’s group discount is only intended for small, local groups to use.

All monies that were paid for the 2017 buy have been refunded and all links for payment have been removed.


UPDATE: My apologies! Sometimes buys don’t work out, and that is what happened this time.

For the last four years we’ve worked with Prodigy they have followed a procedure where they deposit the upgrades into the parent account for us to assign as needed to our children. This allowed us to upgrade when we wanted and renew early. Unfortunately this is no longer Prodigy’s procedure. Group buys now have to buy and renew on the same date and they will no longer extend existing upgrades with a group buy (meaning you have to let your upgrade expire and then purchase another upgrade.) As 98% of our buys consist of renewals, and each renewal has a unique date, I am unable to coordinate a group buy at this time. I know this is inconvenient and a major bummer, my kids are upset too, but this isn’t something I am able to do at this time. Thank you for understanding.